Chile’s Journey to a Circular Economy

For the last few years, the circular economy has started gaining momentum in Latin America, particularly due to its triple benefits of creating new businesses, generating new jobs and fighting climate change. However, there has been one country that has become a pioneer by adopting an official national strategy in order to move towards a … Continuar leyendo

Pumps and Circular Economy

Every year thousands of old worn pumps are thrown away as scrap material becoming a huge headache for mining companies around the world. Petar Ostojic from Neptuno Pumps shows how some companies are transforming this into a global opportunity by replacing the old linear economy –produce, use and throw away- with circular economy. Read the … Continuar leyendo

Neptuno Pumps featured in The Guardian (UK).

We are honored to be featured at one of the most prestigious newspapers in the world: The Guardian (UK) for our contribution to the transition towards a circular economy. «Airbnb for cars and Canada’s food waste fight: 10 circular businesses in the Davos spotlight. From Taiwan to the Atacama desert, and eco-homes to recycling software, we … Continuar leyendo

Moving towards a Circular Economy

Due to the current scarcity and high value of commodities, we believe in the need to move towards a Circular Economy that recycles materials, remanufactures equipment and helps mitigate the effects of climate change. We are proud to be a design and manufacturing company that reuses and recycles scrap metal to produce new highly engineered … Continuar leyendo

Circular Economy, Remanufacturing & 3D Printing

We are pleased to announce that we’ve added three new categories to our Neptuno Pumps web page: Circular Economy, Remanufacturing & 3D Printing. Circular Economy: Given the current scarcity and high value of commodities, we believe in the need to move towards a circular economy that recycles materials, remanufactures equipment and help mitigate the effects … Continuar leyendo

Centro de Remanufactura de Bombas Neptuno Pumps ofrece 100% de aumento en disponibilidad de equipos

En entrevista con Leaders and Mining, Petar Ostojic, Project & Product Manager de Neptuno Pumps, reconocido emprendedor de alto impacto Endeavor en el Panel de Selección Internacional en San Francisco (USA) por un jurado de líderes empresariales a nivel mundial, se refiere al Centro de Remanufactura de Bombas de Neptuno Pumps, y los beneficios que … Continuar leyendo