Circular Economy, Remanufacturing & 3D Printing

We are pleased to announce that we’ve added three new categories to our Neptuno Pumps web page: Circular Economy, Remanufacturing & 3D Printing. Circular Economy: Given the current scarcity and high value of commodities, we believe in the need to move towards a circular economy that recycles materials, remanufactures equipment and help mitigate the effects … Continuar leyendo

Axial thrust in vertical turbines

Reliability and availability are crucial for the mining industry, where pump systems are located at isolated and high altitude locations with limited access to machinery and workforce. Petar Ostojic from Neptuno Pumps discusses how incorporating engineered axial thrust bearing assemblies can improve vertical turbine pumps reliability while reducing their life cycle cost. To read the … Continuar leyendo