Pumps and Circular Economy

Every year thousands of old worn pumps are thrown away as scrap material becoming a huge headache for mining companies around the world. Petar Ostojic from Neptuno Pumps shows how some companies are transforming this into a global opportunity by replacing the old linear economy –produce, use and throw away- with circular economy. Read the … Leer más

Neptuno Pumps selected Runner-Up at WEF’s 2016 The Circulars in Davos

We are honored to be the first and only company form Chile and Latin America to be selected as Runner-Up at the World Economic Forum’s 2016 The Circulars Awards celebrated in Davos. We are proud to be pioneers in the transition towards a circular economy and we firmly believe that it is the most effective … Leer más

Neptuno Pumps featured in The Guardian (UK).

We are honored to be featured at one of the most prestigious newspapers in the world: The Guardian (UK) for our contribution to the transition towards a circular economy. «Airbnb for cars and Canada’s food waste fight: 10 circular businesses in the Davos spotlight. From Taiwan to the Atacama desert, and eco-homes to recycling software, we … Leer más

Moving towards a Circular Economy

Due to the current scarcity and high value of commodities, we believe in the need to move towards a Circular Economy that recycles materials, remanufactures equipment and helps mitigate the effects of climate change. We are proud to be a design and manufacturing company that reuses and recycles scrap metal to produce new highly engineered … Leer más

2X Finalistas en The Circulars 2016

Estamos felices y orgullosos de poder decir que Neptuno Pumps se ha convertido en la primera empresa chilena en ser seleccionado como finalista en dos categorías en The Circulars 2016 a celebrarse en Davos: People’s Choice Award y Circular Economy Enterprise Award. El World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders Circular Economy Taskforce nos ha seleccionado … Leer más

Centro de Remanufactura de Bombas Neptuno Pumps ofrece 100% de aumento en disponibilidad de equipos

En entrevista con Leaders and Mining, Petar Ostojic, Project & Product Manager de Neptuno Pumps, reconocido emprendedor de alto impacto Endeavor en el Panel de Selección Internacional en San Francisco (USA) por un jurado de líderes empresariales a nivel mundial, se refiere al Centro de Remanufactura de Bombas de Neptuno Pumps, y los beneficios que … Leer más