South America for Growth and Diversity


One of the biggest areas of growth for the pump industry over the last two decades has been in the South American and Latin American markets. This expansion is partly thanks to the NAFTA agreement, changes in customs regulations and the desire of major manufacturers to diversify.
Currently, oil and gas, mining andpower generation are leading thedemand in South America, and these are areas that are increasing as the region is rich in natural resources and needs energy to keep moving forward.Throughout the region, dosing/metering pumps are mostly used in chlorination processes for water treatment but there is also a big demand for anti-incrustants and pH regulators – for example, sulphuric acidin the fertirrigation process. Fertirrigation isan agronomic practice that provides precise timed and spaced supplies of readily assimilated chemical elements in pursuit of preset production goals. So, while the demand is being led bythe above sectors and the water industry, municipal construction is also very important.
According to industry experts, South America has become a major player in the mining industry, especially in Chile and Peru, where the portfolio will total around $70 billion in the coming years. Indeed, over the past five years, mining companies suchas Xstrata, Bechtel, BHP Billiton, Goldcorp, SNC Lavalin, Codelco and Fluor have increased their need for pumps to work on engineering, procurement, construction and management (EPCM) projects in the region…