The Never-Ending Quest for Source Water


In recent years, Latin America has become a major player in the mining industry worldwide. Many engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) companies are developing projects for mining companies that operate in Chile and Peru—where the portfolio, just for copper projects, will total about $70 billion in the next few years. Each project must include a guaranteed source of water to provide thedaily requirements for its process and the financial viability of the companies involved. However, because of the large number of projects that are simultaneously being developed in the area and the huge volumes of water involved with each one, water sourcing is a major challenge. Many factors influencethe water challenge, including:
• Environmental concerns
• Water scarcity
• Community conflicts
This has pushed engineering and pump companies to research and take the initiative. hey must find new solutions that can optimize the need for fresh water, while avoiding any environmental or social concerns…