Neptuno Pumps selected as a Finalist for The Circulars 2016

We are happy to announce that Neptuno Pumps has become the first Chilean Company to be selected as a Finalist in the People’s Choice Award for The Circulars 2016.

The World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders Circular Economy Taskforce selected Neptuno Pumps selected due to the interesting and thought provoking circular story that our entry brings, not just to the Circulars Awards themselves, but also to the wider community in a way that will inspire others to adopt circular economy principles.

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Neptuno Pumps is an award winning, world class designer and manufacturer of energy efficient, innovative and sustainable pumping solutions for the mining and process industries worldwide. Located in the Atacama Desert, Chile, where water is scarce and energy prices are the highest in Latin America, Neptuno Pumps understands the importance of resource-efficiency and the circular economy. Internationally recognized for its award-winning energy efficient pumps, the company has worked with the world’s biggest mining and engineering organisations including BHP Billiton, Glencore and Anglo American to develop an innovative circular approach with their customers. The company produces 60% of its products with reused and recycled materials from old worn pumps, reducing its carbon footprint by 70%. As vertically integrated company, Neptuno Pumps understands the importance of remanufacturing, offering re-used products that are energy efficient, 30% cheaper, with a one-year warranty and of the same quality as a brand new pump. By creating new alliances with its clients, Neptuno Pumps plans to manufacture 90% of its products with recycled and reused materials in the next five years.