Neptuno Pumps and Circular Economy

We are proud to be featured as a Circular Economy success case at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation Network Map:

Neptuno Pumps has taken full advantage of its strategic location right in the heart of the world’s mining industry, working locally with the most important industries located in Chile and Latin America since 1972. As a vertically integrated company, Neptuno Pumps counts with all its engineering and manufacturing processes foundry and machining under one same roof. This has allowed them to establish a circular economy philosophy with its customers by reusing and recycling material from its old worn pumps and dismissed components to manufacture new energy efficient equipment. Neptuno Pumps is currently producing up to 60% of their entire new product line with recycled materials from its own old pumps and even scrap material from other brands, thus reducing its products carbon footprint in approximately 70% both by re-melting old materials and by its geographical proximity to the end users thus reducing transportation and logistics. It also counts with a world-class repair and maintenance center which allows users to bring new life to its old pumps by repairing and reusing valuable components. Neptuno Pumps is certain that by further promoting a circular economy and creating alliances with its customers, it is possible to move the industry towards zero waste, being able to manufacture up to 90% of its new products with recycled and reused materials in the next few years.