Circular Economy, Remanufacturing & 3D Printing

We are pleased to announce that we’ve added three new categories to our Neptuno Pumps web page: Circular Economy, Remanufacturing & 3D Printing.

Circular Economy: Given the current scarcity and high value of commodities, we believe in the need to move towards a circular economy that recycles materials, remanufactures equipment and help mitigate the effects of climate change. We are proud to be a design and manufacturing company that reuses and recycles scrap metal to produce new highly engineered energy efficient products, contributing to maximum utilization of resources and reducing the effects of global warming.

Remanufacturing: We believe that in the transition towards a circular economy, remanufacturing is the new recycling. There is a big difference between repairing and remanufacturing: Repairing simply means that a used component has been fixed, and now it can work. Remanufacturing on the other hand, means that the product has been brought back to its original condition through a combination of original parts, approved tests performed by appropriate personnel and software, providing the same guarantee period as brand new equipment.

3D Printing: Fifteen years ago, Neptuno Pumps was the first company in Latin America to introduce 3D Printing to its design and manufacturing processes, allowing the transition to an Eco-Design approach for the design of energy efficient pumps, which lead to several national and international innovation and sustainability awards. Today, 3D Printing is more important than ever in our transition towards a circular economy, replacing the old high-volume production of standard products with a new approach that designs and manufactures custom engineered products for each customer’s application.