«Premio Exportador Innovador»

  As part of the celebration of 40 years of ProChile, Neptuno Pumps received the «2014 Innovative Exporter Award» during the Business Meeting for Mining Providers.

“Recyclápolis Foundation” Award

  «This award aims to recognize the efforts of companies in the mining cluster and suppliers to develop projects that demonstrate a real commitment to new trends in sustainability and environmental stewardship.»

«Ramón Salas Edwards» Award

  Presented by the Institute of Engineers of Chile (www.iing.cl), the best scientific and technological work related to engineering, for the work «Design and Manufacture of New Pumping Water Recirculation for a mining company.»

«Technological Innovation in Engineering»

  This award, given each year the Faculty of Engineering and Science, recognizes the company or institution that originated nationally or implemented innovative technological solutions with high potential for development.

«Technical Innovation of the Year – Projects» Award

  Antofagasta Minerals’ Minera Los Pelambres, located in Chile, wanted to increase their reclaim water pumping capacity without changing its pipeline. After making a complete engineering analysis of Tranque El Mauro pumping system, Neptuno Pumps custom engineered ten high-head vertical turbine pumps that would operate at their best efficiency point. This allowed a 22% increase … Leer más