Neptuno Pumps wins ‘Innovation of the Year’ in the UK

Neptuno Pumps has become the first and only company in the world to win for the third time the «Technical Innovation of the Year-Projects» category at the prestigious 2016 Pump Industry Awards, celebrated in Oxford, UK, with its project «Energy Efficient Pumps Help Fight Climate Change» which mixes Eco-Design & Circular Economy to reduce energy … Continuar leyendo

Neptuno Pumps selected Runner-Up at WEF’s 2016 The Circulars in Davos

We are honored to be the first and only company form Chile and Latin America to be selected as Runner-Up at the World Economic Forum’s 2016 The Circulars Awards celebrated in Davos. We are proud to be pioneers in the transition towards a circular economy and we firmly believe that it is the most effective … Continuar leyendo

Technical Innovation of the Year – Projects

Improving Performance of Minera Collahuasi’s Water Pumping System Collahuasi Mining Co., located in Chile at 4.500 meters above sea level, has one of the most aggressive waters in the world, reaching 50.000 (mg/l) of chloride concentration. Neptuno Pumps performed a complete redesign of its pumps through a complete CFD/FEA analysis together with a full material … Continuar leyendo

«Engineering & Production Technology Leadership» Award

  Engineering & Production Technology Leadership—Winners in this category will have embraced new design and production approaches to drive game-changing process improvements, adopting technologies such as advanced 3D modeling and simulation, sensor networks, additive/3D printing, advanced materials, process automation platforms, and advanced robotics. Winning projects will have contributed positively to improving efficiency, increasing responsiveness, and … Continuar leyendo