Repotenciamiento de Sistemas de Bombeo de Agua Recuperada en la Industria Minera

  El agua es vital para la industria minera, especialmente en nuestro país donde existe escasez de este vital elemento. Sin embargo, los procesos mineros requieren de provisión permanente de grandes volúmenes de agua para poder operar y alcanzar sus metas de producción. Los sistemas de bombeo de agua recuperada representan una gran  oportunidad de … Continuar leyendo

Improving the Efficiency of Industrial Pumps for the Mining Industry

  CHALLENGE Neptuno Pumps® delivers engineered vertical turbine pumps for world’s most important mining operations. In recent years, fluctuant commodity prices have motivated mining and engineering companies search for mostefficient and reliable pumping systems. Neptuno Pumps® needed to design highly-efficient multistage vertical turbine pumps for high-head and heavy-duty applications, without the high costs of building … Continuar leyendo

Water management for copper mining

  Effective water management is critical in any mining operation, sofinding innovative mine dewatering and fluid transfer applications is essential for today’s mineral extraction processes. Petar Ostojic discusses how custom engineered barge pump systems help accomplish this task in two copper mining companies Centrifugal pumps are widely usedin the global mining industry, from mine dewatering … Continuar leyendo

Re-powering water reclaim systems

  In the mining industry, production is directly related to the plant’s total pumping capacity, and reclaim systems are the main source of water. With the pressure on to improve processes, PetarOstojic discusses how pump manufacturers can help mining companies re-power their reclaim water systems with custom engineering solutions, improving pump capacity and reducing energy … Continuar leyendo

Reclaim Water Pumping

  Water is vital to the mining industry, especially in South America where many mining companies are located in areas where the resource is highly scarce and environmentally sensitive. One of these locations is the Atacama’s Desert—the driest in the world. However, mining companies require steady and reliable delivery of water to their processes to … Continuar leyendo