Desde el Cobre a la Innovación: Roadmap Tecnológico de la Minería 2015-2035

Como miembro del Directorio del Programa Nacional de Minería Alta Ley, tengo el placer de invitarlos a leer «Desde el Cobre a la Innovación: Roadmap Tecnológico de la Minería 2015-2035», donde además tuve el honor de aportar con una sección. El Programa Nacional de Minería Alta Ley, es una iniciativa de Corfo y el Ministerio … Continuar leyendo

Latin America and the Circular Economy

The circular economy approach is an industrial system that is restorative by design and it proposes that, rather than extracting natural resources, the materials that have already been taken can be recovered and reused in a variety of ways, thus protecting natural resources from over-exploitation. This aims to keep valuable resources in circulation for longer … Continuar leyendo

Minería y Cambio Climático: Transición hacia una Economía Circular

El 2015 será considerado un año histórico para la humanidad, debido al acuerdo universal alcanzado en la Cumbre del Clima COP21 en París, donde 195 países han acordado mitigar el cambio climático de manera que el planeta no aumente su temperatura por encima de los 2°C, sustituyendo así al Protocolo de Kyoto a partir del … Continuar leyendo

Pumps and Circular Economy

Every year thousands of old worn pumps are thrown away as scrap material becoming a huge headache for mining companies around the world. Petar Ostojic from Neptuno Pumps shows how some companies are transforming this into a global opportunity by replacing the old linear economy –produce, use and throw away- with circular economy. Read the … Continuar leyendo

Axial thrust in vertical turbines

Reliability and availability are crucial for the mining industry, where pump systems are located at isolated and high altitude locations with limited access to machinery and workforce. Petar Ostojic from Neptuno Pumps discusses how incorporating engineered axial thrust bearing assemblies can improve vertical turbine pumps reliability while reducing their life cycle cost. To read the … Continuar leyendo

Pumps and Circular Economy

For several years, due to the good prices of metals and the lack of engineering and manufacturing capabilities installed in Latin America, the mining industry has operated under a lineal philosophy with its overseas providers, over-stocking pump parts and components with a “throw things away” approach. However the current economic crisis, global warming and a … Continuar leyendo

Energy efficient pumps help fight climate change

Global warming is currently one of the greatest threats to humanity being Latin America one of the most vulnerable regions in the world. This article shows how energy efficient pumping systems and a circular economy approach can help mitigate the effects of climate change. Read the full article here: